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        Emma Paunil: A creative entrepreneur integrating art forms to inspire emotional healing. 

        Emma is a professional educator, musician, and creative, with a wide range of disciplines, including: emotional development & intelligence, professional development, leadership & mentorship, conservation biology, piano, music & songwriting, acting, improvisation, and more! She melds these disciplines through her music and authorship, utilizing multi-media stimulation for her creative works.

        As a scientist & artist, she strongly believes a mind balanced with these disciplines leads to the highest degree of success and well being.

        Her most recent creations include children's picture books with musical accompaniment, such as Gentle Dragons, for helping children develop healthy emotional habits, as well as guided journals and planners for inspiring creativity and a balanced, healthy mind. One of her larger upcoming projects includes her first vocal release, "Soul Flame," – a song dedicated to suicide awareness & prevention to be released on September 10th, 2021 for World Suicide Prevention Day.



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IG: @emmapaunilmusic

FB: Emma Paunil Music

Twitter: Emma Paunil

LinkedIN: Emma Paunil

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